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I'm a slasher. That means I like boys-on-boys. I appreciate sexy girls, too, but my mail focus is slash / yaoi / homoerotic. Be warned. + I'm a photographer / designer/artist and I like to mix those. I use photos for backgrounds sometimes. Those are mine.

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Posted by Citrina - October 14th, 2009

Want me to draw you a picture? Art commissions are now available. Digital only (if you want it printed, DeviantShop may be a solution), .jpg (original .psd for extra money if you want), 300 dpi (unless you specify)

--- Payment via PayPal, 50% prepayment before I start, the rest after you get the final version. Alternatively, 100% upfront. I will not start working on your commission until I am certain you mean it, and paying is the only way you can show it. If you change your mind and cancel the commission in progress without a reasonable explanation, I keep the prepayment.

--- Fan-art, nudity, ecchi, mature content, slash, yaoi, shonen-ai, yuri, hentai, tentacles, etc. is OK

--- When describing what you want me to draw, please provide as much detail as possible, visual references are very welcome ("I want my char to have a tattoo like this guy and shoes like this girl" would be just great). Please note that what you don't say I will have to make up, and that might not be to your satisfaction.

--- If needed, I can send WIP from different stages of work, so that any essential changes can be made in the right time. I will not allow any essential changes after the work is finished, only cosmetic ones.

--- Normally the making would take about a week (unless I have deadlines for other projects, of which I will inform you), but a complicated/detailed drawing may take longer. Please understand.

--- The final version will have my logo as an artist.
The finished artwork is the property of the client for any use except reselling. As author, I keep the right to post said image in my personal gallery and use as part of my artist portfolio.

--- Contact by DA/NG note, e-mail (ask) or Skype (ask). If you change your mind about commissioning me for any reason, you must instantly inform me so I don't waste my time.

--- Here are the basic prices. Note that those may vary due to detail/complexity of image, number of characters, etc.
Warning! Some of the examples below may not be suitable for minors!

+ Doodles, chibi, simple objects: $10-20
sample 1, sample 2

+ B/w graphics (A4, 300 dpi): $20-30
sample 1, sample 2, sample 3

+ Colored graphics with simple background: $25-40 (+$10 for every additional character)
sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4

+ Colored graphics with detailed background: $40 (+$10 for every additional character)
sample 1

+ Digital painting with simple background: $20 (+$10 for every additional character)
sample 1, sample 2, sample 3,

+ Digital painting with photo/photomontage background (all photos used for backgrounds are made by me): $40 (+$10 for every additional character, +$$$ for complicated photomontage or rare footage)
sample 1, sample 2, sample 3,

+ Digital painting with detailed background: $50 (+$10 for every additional character)
sample 1

+ Mixed media (digital/graphics/photo): $30-50 (+$10 for every additional character)
sample 1, sample 2, sample 3,

--- I make discounts! 5% off the price if I have to draw tatoos. 10% off the price if your commission has slash/yaoi/homoerotism. Also, 10% off for loyal customers (I will consider you loyal if you successfully commissioned me 3 times before)

--- Prices and conditions may change, so please visit this post before ordering your commission!

Posted by Citrina - June 23rd, 2009

I'm new to Newgrounds so I think some background is in order.

First of, I'm married to this guy. Btw we share our IP, so we can't vote for the same things. I guess I'll be leaving the voting to him then. Sorry.

Sometimes I do some singing for his stuff, like those:
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /205967 (I helped with lyrics, too)
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /198103
I'm on the album, too.
I also have a part-time job as his muse ^^

But I'm not really a singer, I'm a visual artist. Here's some links to my stuff:

Citrinet - my main website, portfolio sorta thing.
DeviantArt gallery - mostly photos, cause I'm a photographer, but some art also.
HentaiFoundry - adult rated art that got deleted from Deviant (lol, not really, at least not all). You must be a registered user to see that page. And you have to be over 16 to be a registered user. And you must keep in mind that I don't post naked girls in my hentai gallery, so keep out if you're homophobic.

I do art commissions for money. PM for details. Girls, boys, tentacle monsters - you name it.

I suppose that's pretty much it for now. Oh, also I'm antisocial, and easily get upset by mean people. Don't be mean, please.