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True story, bravo

I was going to say "that was an unexpected turn of events", but I'd hate to be a liar. I was expecting that for a looooooong time. *evil laughter*


I watched this a couple of years ago and it became an instant classic with me and my husband. Some quotes from this series still remain in our lexicon :)

Utterly disturbing

I haven't seen such precise Author Comments in a long time. "Different" and "Freudian nightmare" - hell yeah! I found this quite disturbing, it kept my attention much longer than just during playback like most flash movies. Great story. I wasn't 100% impressed with the graphics, but the rest - bravo!

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I love this game. First of all, the fox is so cute! Second (actually, I should have begun with that, but heck I'm a girl, I go for cuteness), I really like a game where you don't get killed. It's like godmode, but with no cheat codes :) It's not boring at all, it's wonderful. The boss thing... damn that's tricky. Certainly kicked me out of the state of secure peacefulness that the whole jumping-around-finding-things gave me. Overall, great job, awesome graphics, really nice audio. Thank you for sharing this and good luck with your future projects!

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I'm kinda speechless, this is just so beautiful. I hope you don't mind speechless people as long as they let their rating speak for them :)


Let me tell you a short story to explain just how awesome this song is to me.

I get most of the music I listen to from my husband (sorohanro on NG). And let me tell you he has a horrible mess in his files, you can never know what is what. So I just browse around his downloads and take what I like, to listen on my player. I have there a folder with my favorite inspirational tracks, some Linkin Park, some Static-X, some Romanian bands and some I don't have any idea what. Recently my husband told me that one of those tracks is from NG. I couldn't believe my ears, I didn't know there is music here that great!

Another surprise was waiting for me when I checked out the author's page. Man, you're from Piter! Well, that explains a bit of my affection perhaps :)

Mne ochen ponravilas eta kompoziciya, slushayu postoyanno. Respekt i uvazhuha, kak govoriat v russkih internetah :)

GameBalance responds:

Oy spasiiiiibo tebe dorogaya!!!!!!!!

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needs working on

This image gives a very nice first impression, but when you look twice, you see some details that need more attention of the artist.

The main thing is the light bulb. See, those are made of glass, which means they are transparent (well, there are those matte ones but this is not the case because you can see the spiral clearly) and you should be able to see the background through it.

Also imho the image lacks depth, but that's a matter of taste in this case.

(Also you probably should state in the Author's Comment the origin of photos used, copyrights and stuff)

MarcyVF responds:

Good points. As long as I don't sell this image in some way, do I have to say the copyrights and stuff? I haven't really seen any others do it (not that it really matters though).


Your work is amazingly good, I envy your technique. I wish you more inspiration like that!

I'm a slasher. That means I like boys-on-boys. I appreciate sexy girls, too, but my mail focus is slash / yaoi / homoerotic. Be warned. + I'm a photographer / designer/artist and I like to mix those. I use photos for backgrounds sometimes. Those are mine.

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