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Light Bulb Clan - Green Light Bulb Clan - Green

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needs working on

This image gives a very nice first impression, but when you look twice, you see some details that need more attention of the artist.

The main thing is the light bulb. See, those are made of glass, which means they are transparent (well, there are those matte ones but this is not the case because you can see the spiral clearly) and you should be able to see the background through it.

Also imho the image lacks depth, but that's a matter of taste in this case.

(Also you probably should state in the Author's Comment the origin of photos used, copyrights and stuff)

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MarcyVF responds:

Good points. As long as I don't sell this image in some way, do I have to say the copyrights and stuff? I haven't really seen any others do it (not that it really matters though).

Lizard Priest Lizard Priest

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Your work is amazingly good, I envy your technique. I wish you more inspiration like that!

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